Hi, Im Steve, welcome to my blog.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m 52 and semi retired. For most of my life I was fit, in fact very fit. I was easy to find as I was usually in the gym. Over the years I have been an active rugby player and scuba diver. Having attained my Karate black belt I went on to run, and teach at, my own Kickboxing club. I also trained in Krav Maga and competed in judo.

In my free time I rode motorcycles and went walking round Derbyshire. Work wise moved from running 3 businesses and delivering large items myself to later on where I became a Police Officer. I worked my beat both on foot and patrolling in the car. I would think nothing of physically restraining violent offenders.

I had asthma from childhood, though always worked round it. I sprinted instead of running long distance. I specialised in power events rather than stamina. Of course you don’t take part in the sports I did without picking up injuries along the way. Everything from back to knee’s, elbow and biceps went under the knife. Torn tendons in my hand and a cast on my Achilles Tendon for several months.

At the peak of my physical fitness I developed high blood pressure. It’s inherited from my family. Also from my family came type 2 Diabetes, and depression. I could not have been fitter but my health was falling apart. Gout set in and Carpel Tunnel made my hands incredibly painful. My doctor confirmed there was arthritis in my hands and shoulder. My shoulder was operated on, my hands injected with cortisone.

I was moved from front line Policing to an office. I used voice activated software so I didn’t have to type as much. When my role changed and the software no longer functioned I was given early retirement, at 48.

Whether through stress or some other reason my asthma worsened considerably and I was in and out of hospital on respirators, blue lighting it in the back of an ambulance to A&E. I developed anxiety.

Flights and hot weather lead to significant swelling in my feet and legs. Exercise has become difficult, but not totally impossible.

But all is not lost. My children are well qualified and with good companies, they are set to become high achievers. My beautiful wife is the most wonderful person in the world. Then there are the dogs, who both stress and cheer me in equal measure.