This Roman holiday is agony

One problem with traveling with multiple health issues is just getting comfortable. It’s harder than you think.

By way of explanation, I am a member of Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcade Club, and the European convention is taking place here in Rome. I am currently sat all alone in my room, while everyone else is at the party.

My plan was to ride from England to Rome with friends, great plan. Until my wife pointed out just how far it is and that I have never managed much more than an hour without climbing off my bike in pain. Hmm good point. I’ll fly then.

Being a bit skint I opted not for the closest airport but one two and a half hours away, it’s half the price. Likewise no seat upgrades for me thanks. Hand luggage only and driving through the night for the cheap flight at dawn.

So little sleep the night before, I dozed for an hour or two in my armchair, waking with swollen feet and ankles. By the time I got to the airport my socks were cutting into my ankles and my back was throbbing.

I somehow managed to negotiate my luggage and two walking sticks onto the plane and shoehorned myself into quite possibly the smallest seat I have ever sat in. Thanks Ryanair but never again.

A quick point, if you are looking for a retirement plan try being a taxi driver in Rome. My first quote for a 20 minute journey was €80. I eventually shared a minibus for a still substantial €35.

Today was a day to relax and recover except being in the budget room leaves the option of something close to a camp bed or a plastic garden chair to relax on. So having swapped between the bed and chair all day I now have swollen feet again and my back is agony.

The point I’m eventually getting to is that even though budget travel is possible, for those of us struggling with our health you really need to think hard and plan well ahead. I obviously would not have made the bike journey but the budget flight from a more remote airport was a false economy.

Likewise a more comfortable room would have vastly improved my condition. Yes it’s possible but tonight I’m missing the party.

Safe travels


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