Dr Jeckell and Mr Hyde

Last Friday I downed tools and relaxed, the next week was to be one of relaxation. In order to achieve this I needed 3 circumstances to be met, no work, no expenses and a  suitable location.

Let’s start with work. Being self employed means you are never truly away from work, the phone is always on. Of course I could switch it off but that would mean neither my children nor my elderly parents could contact me should the situation arise. I have told all my clients that I am away, and to give them their due they have given me some space. Unfortunately I have had to ignore a number of texts and phone calls from other businesses. On the whole through, work has not been at the forefront of my mind.

Expense wise I have been quite lucky. The flights were paid some time ago and I am checked into my regular apartment which is reasonably priced. I also dug out my holiday wallet to find €145 from last year. We normally eat out every night and throw some beer and wine into the mix. Over the course of a week this adds up. So this time we have done it on the cheap. We have managed to feed ourselves pretty well on supermarket food and drink, and on day 5 we have only eaten out twice and have just finished off the €145. Tonight’s food is in the fridge.

The same goes for entertainment, we have been here, Lanzarote, before. In fact we have been a lot. Do we really need to hire a car or catch the water ferry to see the same old places? So our entertainment has consisted of books, dvd’s And a few games on my iPad, on which I am writing this blog. Supermarket beer on the balcony as I watch the boats coming into the harbour, passes the day.

I think I have already summed up the location. It’s hot, sunny and dry. My apartment faces the harbour, and beyond the Atlantic Ocean. Below is the pool, and next door a very good bar with great food, should I feel the need to splash out.

So all in all pretty good. Which brings me neatly to the title of this particular blog, Dr Jeckell and Mr Hyde. To say I’m relaxed does not do justice to the term relaxed. In fact it’s only looking back that shows me just how stressed and unreasonable I have been. My wife deserves me to be this nice to her all the time.

My health is changed beyond belief. My cough has decreased by 95%, from constantly hacking up to an occasional light clearance of the lungs. I’m not sure where the pain went, I’m sure sunshine must have something to do with it. However the mosquitoes are trying their best to add some degree of discomfort, my wife says I must be very tasty to mosquitoes. As for concentration, well at home I struggle to reach the end of a sentence, in the last 3 days I have read Professor Stephen Hawking’s “A brief history of time”, and almost understood some of it.

Now that I have found a recipe that works for me, I need to find some way of replicating it back in England. Answers on a postcard to …..



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