Body MOT – Fail!

Today there are a number of agencies at my local village hall. It’s a kind of health roadshow with body MOT’s, gym memberships, walking groups, mental health agencies and housing charities amongst others. All are free to access. It’s not the type of thing I normally go to, why should I? Obviously I know my own body better than these so called professionals …. and there is the bump as I fall rapidly back to earth.

My first stop was a mental health agency www.TrentPTS.co.uk, there were two agencies present but the one I opted to visit was specifically for low to mid level depression and anxiety, just what I need.

I have been on medication for depression and anxiety for some time now. Citalopram and Trazodone to be specific. Over the years I have been for therapy a few times, all of which have been very helpful. Unfortunately the problem with depression and anxiety is that even when they are well managed they never truly go away. My last counselling treatment was about 3 years ago and I am not at the top of my game right now. I have been on the website and registered, it was very, very easy. There is nothing to lose by talking, and hopefully a lot to gain. I am fortunate that I like in England where mental health services are free to access. I thoroughly recommend them.

Stop two was to Healthwatch Derbyshire I had not heard of them before. They record your interactions with health services to give an overview of performance. Im not a fan of measuring performance. From past experience anything can be proved to be the case with so called facts and figures. When targets are set it would appear that everything else drops by the wayside to hit the targets. The law of unintended consequences usually prove that setting of targets is a sure fire way to failure. I did however take a leaflet and have praised my Doctor. Not for any other reason that she cares and has helped me a lot. Thank you Doctor Blyth.

My third and final visit was to the Coop trailer to have my MOT. Oh dear, my weight was off the chart, literally, it went to 20 stone and I am about a stone over that. My body fat and more importantly visceral fat was way too high. Blood pressure up, not surprising, but my lung capacity was very good, testament to all those years in the gym.

Get more cardio! Yes I know but I can hardly stand let alone walk and breathing with asthma, in winter, is a challenge in its own right. End result being that I am now even more down than I was before. So I have registered with Trent PTS and spent the last two hours trying to work out what is wrong with my diet. Actually very little but there is always room for a tweak or two. Time to have a think.

There is so much help available if you just go looking. Not necessarily free, but well worth it. You only live once, enjoy it the best you can. Keep healthy.


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