Keeping the motivation going


What do you do to keep the motivation going when your mind goes into overdrive? A friend of mine stopped smoking a few years ago, she did really well. Then, as happens, life decides to have a dig and turn everything upside down. End result she started smoking again.

So a year later and she has quit again, this time she has started using e-cigarettes. So far it seems to be working. However, every now and then she has a cigarette. It leaves a taste in her mouth and makes her cough for a week. She says she feels awful. It’s this taste, cough and general bad feeling that acts as inspiration not to smoke anymore.


I know what she means, I have gone through the same thing myself. I came from a family of drinkers, in a village where the only thing to do was to go to the pub and drink. Not just my family, but everyone. The same faces were there, night after night, week after week. There was the Monday night crowd, the mid week crowd, the weekend crowd. It just became a habit.

The phrase alcoholic was never used, everyone drank, it was the social thing to do. Yes I drank too much and too often. I spent too much money and put on weight. So did everyone else. When I moved to a nearby village, that was the same. In fact I go to know most of my neighbours from the pub.

Two bottles of wine


About 2 years ago, as I was now middle aged, I was still drinking too much. 6 or 7 nights a week, every week. Some years earlier I had divorced and was now living alone. I was in a happy relationship but the nights alone turned into 2 bottles of wine, every night.

Im a big chap so it didn’t hit me as much as some would expect, I was functioning quite happily. The problem was the following morning, thick head and dry mouth, every morning. This was quickly followed my me saying to myself “This has got to stop”, every morning.

When you start going to different shops so the staff don’t recognise you as the person that comes in every night to buy 2 bottles of wine, you know it’s not right. 2 for £10 every night is £300 a month. A lot of dry mouths and thick heads is not much to show for so much money.

Happy, happy, happy

I moved in with my partner, then married her. Then one day I just decided. “That’s it I have done drinking”. It was true, I still drink but those 2 bottles a night went to 4 bottles a week. Then 3 then 2 bottles a week. It took a while but each month I drank less and less. Then something changed. The nights I did drink stopped being good nights, instead they became failure nights. Nights I spent too much money, consumed too many calories, and didn’t sleep well.

Once drinking nights registered as bad nights, they happened less and less. 2 years later and I hardly drink at all. It’s 25th today. I think I had some wine around about the 2nd or 3rd of the month. We had a meal in a pub a few days ago and I had one pint of beer with my meal. I felt rough afterwards.

Going down the chip shop


So what prompted todays blog? Well a few months ago I decided to cut down my carbohydrates. Not because the the current diet trend but because I have type 2 diabetes.  Research has shown that a low carb diet has multiple health benefits for type 2 diabetes. It works, my blood sugar levels have responded fantastically. Not only that, my waistline has shrunk and I only have 1 chin now.

Good intentions don’t necessarily do the trick on their own, you sometimes need to fail. For about 2 weeks now I have been craving a bag of chips (and a large battered sausage) but have avoided it. “No, no Im sticking to low carb”. Today I gave in and went down the chip shop. I ordered my chips (and large battered sausage) and waited as they were served. At this point an incredibly large lad came in. Not large in a good way, someone who is heading for an early grave. The image going through my mind now was of me eating high fat, high carb chips and the thought of what effect they were going to have on my body.

I went home and ate my meal. You know what? I was a little disappointed. They were a little bland, a little greasy and pushed my calorie intake way too high.

Embrase the fail

I am not beating myself up. It’s not failure’ it’s a learning point. Yes I ate the wrong food, but no I have not failed. I don’t fancy chips or a battered sausage anymore, though I probably will in a few weeks. I will probably have them, then regret it. Who knows I may wash them down with a bottle of something, just not yet.


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