What a difference a day makes

A full night’s sleep?

Yesterday I sat working on my blog. I had intended to say how I had finally managed to sleep right through. Not even the 3am call to the bathroom or my wife trying to cocoon herself in the quilt leaving me open to the cold winter air would keep me awake. I wasn’t totally happy and wanted to do some research before posting. So I went to bed, looking forward to another good nights sleep. It didn’t happen.

I tried to unwind by doing a little painting. I finally finished my picture and went to lie down. My mouth was moist enough following the previous  episodes of dry mouth. I thought the Trazodone levels had levelled out. And sleep….

Two hours later there I was. Wide awake with thoughts of the previous weeks family dispute tearing through my mind. The more I lay there, the more stressed I got. Then the dry mouth started.

Multiple Health Issues

One of the problems with multiple health issues is the need to take lots and lots of different medications. They conflict with each other. It has taken many years of trial and error to get to the stage where the drugs are working reasonably well together. I can thoroughly recommend sticking with the same doctor, as they have a vested interest in getting to the route of the problem. Whilst I thoroughly respect all the other doctors it is too easy to take a short term view to treatment. Consistent medical care leads to long term solutions.

By way of explanation I take medication, a lot of it. In fact I take about 80 doses a day for a variety of conditions. I also use an Air 10 CPAP machine for sleep apnea.


A few weeks ago my anxiety levels were getting uncomfortable so my Trazodone was increased from 50mg to 100mg. I take it around 7pm so as to aid sleep, whilst allowing me to actually wake up in the morning. The positive effects were an improvement in anxiety levels. The down side was dry mouth, really bad dry mouth to the point that my throat was closing up.

Having wrestled with dry mouth ever since increasing my dose, sleep was getting to be problematic. It is not that easy to get to sleep when you tongue is dragging across the inside of your mouth. So last week I cut the dose back to 50mg, having consulted my doctor, I should add.

Two days ago I noticed an increase in saliva and less reliance on sugar free sweets, I’m diabetic, sugar is a no go. Over the course of a week I have gradually needed less and less help in wetting my mouth. Two nights ago I finally got there. 8 hours straight through. So last night was confusing.


It seems obvious, looking back over this blog, that stress was the issue last night. It is also obvious what is causing the stress. There is some good information at Mind.org.uk  At some point I need to grab the bulls by the horn and sort out this argument. I’m going to mull it over. Having done a little research myself it would appear that dealing with elderly relatives is a common cause of dispute amongst previously close families. The US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health lists many reports.

Hopefully over the next few days I will have something more positive  to write about.


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