Trazodone side effects

Having been diagnosed with anxiety during summer 2017 I was put on Trazodone 50mg capsules. The idea was to induce sleep and generally bring down my anxiety levels over the course of a few weeks.

I took the capsules just prior to bed. The first few nights my sleep was very heavy and I struggled to wake in the morning. Over the course of two to three weeks I relaxed a little more, though still presented signs of anxiety, albeit at a lower level. Sleep continued to be  of good quality.

As I need to drive early morning I consulted my doctor and moved my dosage from bedtime to early evening. The results were that I became tired fairly early on, getting to bed before I normally would. However I did find waking in the morning to be easier.

Upping the dose

After a couple of months symptoms had stabilised, though anxiety was still present at a lower level. On the recommendation of my doctor, and in the absence of serious side effects, I upped my dose to 100mg. Within a couple of days I experienced a significant episode of dry mouth. I say significant because my throat closed up due to lack of saliva. I ended up drinking approximately 4 litres of water in less than 2 hours and felt nauseous. The only way of swallowing was by drinking and trying to lean forwards.

Dry mouth continued for 3 weeks.I am diabetic so bought sugar free sweets and gum which produced a constant supply of saliva. All was manageable during waking hours but problems arose as I was trying to sleep. I could not have sweets in my mouth while sleeping so struggled to fall asleep, and struggled to remain asleep, drinking water every hour or so.

Lowering the dose

Having gone from good sleep and mild anxiety at 50mg to poor sleep and virtually no anxiety at 100mg I have decided to seek further advice from my doctor. We have now decided to go back to 50mg.

The hope is that my serotonin levels will remain raised but the dry mouth will reduce.

24 hours after my last dose of 100mg, and having recently taken 50mg there is a noticeable increase in saliva. Time will tell.

It would be interesting to compare your experiences. Let me know how you have managed with Trazodone.




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